Billy is a graduate of Mississippi State University with a BS and MS in Biological Sciences with minor in Plant Science. Upon graduating he worked for Oklahoma State University as a area specialist for two years.

During the 1970’s, he had several sales and management responsibilities with UniRoyal and Abbott labs; primarily working in cotton pesticide sales.

Billy joined Shell Chemical in 1980 where he resided in Decatur, Alabama, for five years. In 1984, he was transferred to Shell Development as a Field Development and Technical service representative. The primary role was developing the company’s line of synthetic pyrethroid insecticides.

Shell’s business was purchased by DuPont Ag Products at which time Billy continued in his role of product development.

In 1991, he helped a startup company called GemChem, who later were acquired by Amvac Chemical. Billy stayed with this company until 2010 at which time he elected to start other ventures. During his 20 year tenure with Amvac, Billy had many roles such as product acquisition, product management, personnel management and customer relations.

He currently lives in Starkville, Mississippi.

Billy can be reached at  601-688-9145. Es kann alles passieren, das gehen Sie direkt hier ist so, wie ich das leben sehe