The AgSource Environmental Group or ASEG, was formed to address the remediation effort of one of this nation’s worst man-made disasters.  The Gulf Restoration Project has been underway for some time but is now taking on a different direction.  Biological remediation of the marsh land is a very effective approach to preserving the very critical barrier of the Gulf coast region.  This protective area is under severe attack from the oil residue and will in time be greatly reduced if not eliminated.  ASEG’s product Bio-Enhance is a very “green” approach to reviving this important area.  Bio-Enhance restores the marsh land by restoring nutrients in the marsh land plants to allow a natural recovery and preservation.

Coupled with this bio-remediation effort of the marsh land, ASEG has a proprietary microbial product that breaks down the surface and subsurface oil into natural organic compounds that are safe to the environment.  As part of this remediation effort the ASEG product Micro-Enhance is added to fortify the microbes to proliferate the population to create a more productive breakdown process.

The AgSource Environmental Group is comprised of AgSource Products, EnviroQuest Bioremediation, Perennial Environmental Services and AgSource Logistics.  The combined efforts of these companies will make a significant contribution to the Gulf Restoration Project and return our beautiful Gulf Coast line to it’s natural state over time.  This is not a quick fix but this approach harnesses natural components that exist in the environment to speed up the process.   This is simply nature at work.

Please follow our progress over the next few months as we enter into the approval process with the EPA and other groups.

Our Products


ASEG’s product Bio-Enhance™ is a very “green” approach to reviving gulf coast areas effected with oil residue.  Bio Don’t waste your time searching for cheap ! You can buy it for $0.81 right now! -Enhance restores marshland and wetland by restoring nutrients in the plants to allow a natural recovery and preservation.

Coupled with this bio-remediation effort of the gulf coast marshland, ASEG has a proprietary microbial product that breaks down the surface and subsurface oil into natural organic compounds that are safe to the environment.  As part of this remediation effort the ASEG product Micro-Enhance™ is added to fortify the microbes to proliferate the population to create a more productive breakdown process.


The ASEG Team

The AgSource Environmental Group (ASEG) is comprised of a multi faceted group of professionals that have the knowledge base and experience in the area of remediation and restoration. We are committed to providing and demonstrating the technologies that are present today to benefit and enhance the Gulf Restoration Project.

This group is the strategic planning, guidance and implementation of an effort that will deliver a wealth of environmental results that will expedite the recovery of the Gulf Coast. Our goal and objective is to provide cutting-edge technology in the form of environmentally safe products that will benefit the restoration of the Gulf by eliminating the present conditions.

The ASEG model is simple. We introduce natural compounds that are proven through numerous university trials that fortify plant life and vigor coupled with the microbial degradation of petroleum products. The end result is a healthier marsh land and a petroleum enemy that is reduced to an organic form that plant life will flourish within and once again build and retain the beauty of the Gulf Coast.

Chris Coombs, President

A 30 year veteran of the Ag Chemical Industry, Chris entered the industry in sales and advanced to marketing, management and executive roles within various companies. Within the DuPont Company, he held roles of sales in N. AL and the MS Delta and then advancing to the DuPont worldwide headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware. In Delaware, Chris was head Business Manager of the $150M U.S. Cotton Products Business Group. During this extended time in Delaware he also led the U.S. Fungicide Business, the $300M Fungicide Global Supply Chain, the U.S. Insecticide Business and the DuPont Cotton Leadership Program. In the early 1990’s, Chris was recruited by BASF Corporation in Raleigh, North Carolina, to head their marketing group. The primary focus was to build the platform to launch their up and coming fungicide business. He participated in many international venues across Europe, Asia and South America. He relocated to the MidSouth to transition and manage BASF’s sales and technical service business from Mississippi to California.

In 2000 he entered the family L.P Gas business as V.P. Here he worked to improve upon a 40 year system of demonstrated success. He remains active within this business today. In 2002 he worked with Agtrol Inc. to further develop their sales and marketing structure to proceed to a divesture. In this timing the company was sold to Nufarm LTD of Australia. Here, he led the transition and development of Nufarm’s new entry into the U. S. market. He led the sales and marketing effort to position Nufarm as a leading generic supplier during this timing. Prior to founding AgSource, Chris was the Vice-President of North America for AgraQuest Inc., a biotech company based in CA. He developed the sales, technical services and marketing groups which today continues toward the platform and strategy that was created that has transitioned the company from a non-existent entity to a viable company with a presence in the U.S. agriculture market.

Chris is a graduate of Mississippi State University with separate degrees in Business and Economics. He also attended the DuPont Company’s Corporate Promotable Training Program in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. Today, Chris, and his wife Tanya, live in their home state of Mississippi and he is the sixth generation of one of North Mississippi’s pioneering families which established roots in the state over 173 years ago.

Bruce R. Merriman, VP of Regulatory Compliance

Mr. Merriman was educated at the University of Arizona, Tucson earning a BA in Secondary Education (History /English) in 1971 and a Med. in Educational Administration (Community College / History) in 1975. In 1976 he joined the Department of Defense as a Professional Security Officer. During the next eleven years Mr. Merriman specialized in Personnel, Facilities, Operational, Document Control, Communications and Computer Security issues. All of the work was of a classified nature and involved daily and integrated contact with a diverse cross section of U.S. Intelligence Community customers and contractors. During this tenure Mr. Merriman rose to mid-management level and participated in contract negotiations, engineering operational reviews, RFP creation and monitoring, creation of security plans, reviews of document control procedures / plans and contract funding reviews. Ultimately, Mr. Merriman was tasked with operational integration into Aerospace industrial contractors of interest, specialized in security and contractual compliance. He served at four domestic field offices.

Mr. Merriman was employed by Zeta Associated Incorporated in Fairfax, Virginia from 1987 to 1999 as Director of Security. Zeta is a Systems Engineering firm wholly dedicated to classified work within and on behalf of the U.S. Intelligence Community. He was tasked with developing, implementing and maintaining a comprehensive program of Personnel, Facilities, Operational, Communications and Classified Document Control security procedures. Mr. Merriman has extensive technical writing experience and is familiar with the intricacies of federal security and contractual structure and organization. Mr. Merriman and his wife currently reside in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Mary Ann Lewis, VP of Governmental Compliance

MaryAnn Lewis is a twenty-eight year Grant Writer and Grants Administrator, beginning her career with the City of Tupelo, Mississippi and the Mississippi Department of Highway Safety. She is an experienced management professional with demonstrated success in governmental compliance of grant programs. During her tenure with the Mississippi Department of Highway Safety she helped author and assisted as a “source of information” in passing through the Legislature seven bills for highway and boating safety. She was instrumental in establishing the Mississippi Association of Highway Safety Leaders with over 10,000 members, and was the Chairman of MAHSL for thirteen years. MaryAnn is the owner of MidSouth Grant Services and an English major from the University of Mississippi. She continues to locate funding for projects in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Virginia.

She utilizes her skills to teach nonprofit agencies and organizations programming techniques and grant compliance. MaryAnn resides in Saltillo, MS, and is the proud mother of two sons and three grandchildren. Christopher and Rosemary have one daughter Hanna Gwindolyn and they live in Jacksonville, Florida. Christopher is the North Florida Regional Sales Manager for Buck-Newell Synergy, Inc. and Rosemary is an Administrative Assistant with CSX Railroad Technology. Hanna is in the first grade. Nicholas and Carina have two children, five year old Emilie and two year old Nicholas Justin. Nicholas is in the United States Air Force and presently stationed at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. He has served two tours in Iraq.

Ronnie Hamrick, VP of Environmental Services – East

Ronnie is a native and lifelong resident of Fellowship, Mississippi – a rural community situated in the east central part of the state. He grew up immersed in the family business of cattle, timber, land and crop management. After earning a BS degree from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1984 he assumed operational responsibility of the Hamrick Farm, Beef Cattle, Land and Timber enterprise that continues to this day.

Beginning in 1998 Ronnie entered into the energy development and transportation industry. Early exposure included experience as a purchasing agent, equipment operator, construction supervisor, utility inspector and environmental coordinator. In 2002 Ronnie began to specialize in the area of environmental oversight, remediation and restoration – as specifically related to FERC monitored projects. He holds multiple DOT and OSHA construction, inspection, safety and environmental certifications.

Ronnie has worked in every region of the country and operationally interacted with major energy companies to include El Paso Energy, Southern Natural Gas, Centerpoint Energy, Texas Gas, Gulf South, Kinder Morgan, Dominion, DCP and others.

Ronnie is married and is the father of two children, Lauren 21 and Jared 17.

Jerry Hilbun, VP of Environmental Services – West

Jerry W. Hilbun received a BS in Rangeland Ecology and Management from Texas A&M University. He has 16 years experience in environmental & agricultural inspection and construction associated with natural gas and oil pipelines, LNG terminals, electric transmission lines, and plant/compressor stations/refineries.

Prior to turning to the construction and environmental compliance side of the business he was employed for 3 years by the City of Houston conducting air emissions permitting and monitoring.

He is an expert in soil erosion and sediment control design, as well as post construction restoration, and stabilization. Also knowledgeable in spill control, containment, and countermeasures.

Thomas Rotello, VP – Southwest and Public Relations

Mr. Rotello is a 5th generation farmer and rancher of Brazos County, Texas. He resides in Navasota, Texas with his devoted wife of 50 years, Reba Rotello. He owns and operates Rotello Farm and Delta Farm, located in Brazos and Washington Counties. On his farms he has produced cotton, grain sorghum, soybeans, wheat, sunflowers, corn, hay and cattle. Producing food for an ever increasing population using every feasible advantage and proven practices has been his life’s mission. He also owns and operates Plantation Dirt Construction Inc. performing excavation by digging lakes, detention ponds, building roads, subdivisions, golf courses, industrial pad sites and sport complexes.

He is a 1956 graduate of Navasota High School. He attended Blinn College in Brenham, Texas and then Texas A&M in College Station, Texas graduating in 1960 with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Engineering Degree. He also served in the Texas Army National Guard, 49th Division Engineering Battalion.

Mr. Rotello spent his early years working on a 1500 acre family farm and dairy operation, milking 180 head of cows for 20 years. In 1952 he was the first commercial farmer to use in-furrow fungicides and herbicides on row crops. In 1955 he introduced furrow irrigation on row crops and ensilage for dairy and feedlot operations in Texas. In High School he was a member of the Navasota Chapter Future Farmers of America (FFA) and served as Secretary and Vice Chairman, while earning the Lone Star and American Farmer Award. In 1957 he designed, engineered and built the first air conditioned farm machinery known in the world. Installation was done on a new 1957 two row International Harvester (IH) cotton picker. Local newspapers as well as the Chicago Tribune carried photos and write ups about this great step in agriculture. For 10 years he worked and sold fertilizer for Red Barn Fertilizer Co. Mr. Rotello is also trilingual in English, Spanish and Italian. From 1952 to 1964, he contracted more than 5000 farm workers per year from Mexico through the Governmental Bracero Farm Labor Programs. In 1963 he became the first commercial soybean producer in Texas. He grew soybeans on rented land. Harvested and then shipped the soybean by trailer truck to Aceteros Matamoras and Ragaso in Monterey, Mexico. He operated a feedlot and pre-conditioning operation for 12 years. He supplied feed, vet supplies, medicines, branding, castration, dehorning, and delivery of livestock to respective major feedlots in Texas, Arizona, California and Colorado with less than a 1% death loss.

Over years he has dedicated his time to many agricultural programs. In 1968 he introduced Soy Lecithin to Pemex Oil in Mexico, to reduce pollution problems created by electrical power generating plants that use crude oil to fuel these plants He served on the Texas Farm Bureau Board of Directors (Brazos County) and served 7 years as Texas Soybean Board Chairman from 1992 to 1998. He served on the Texas Department of Agriculture Biotech and Sustainable Agriculture Board from 1986 to 1998. He served on the United Soybean Board since 1997 to present as Director on International Marketing Division. Over the years he has spoken to large groups of grain buyers and processors in many foreign countries and in the US about increasing sales of agricultural products. He introduced Soybean Oil into Mexico in 1997. He assisted with sales of soybeans, soybean meal, soy oil and other soy products throughout the world. Mexico is one of the largest soybean oil purchasers that the United States has to date. He was a member of Texas Seed Board and producer of registered soybean seed and grew seed for Jacob Hartz and Bogard Seed Companies in Arkansas. Mr. Rotello served 4 years with the Texas Sustainable Agricultural Board with George W. Bush, Rick Perry, Jim Hightower and Charles Leamon, to protect our soil and water and reduce runoff from rivers draining into the Gulf of Mexico. He also served 4 years on the Sustainable Agricultural Board with United Soybean Board to protest our soil and water on agricultural farmland across the USA. He presently serves as Chairman of the Texas Soybean Board, Vice-Chairman on the Mid-South Soybean Board and Director on the United States Soybean Export Council (USSEC). He is currently working on a new endeavor, the ASEG (AgSource Environmental Group) Project with Mr. Chris Coombs, President/CEO of Ag Source LLC. This group offers an environmentally sound approach to the correction of the Nation’s largest man made catastrophe, as well as a sustainable approach that will benefit U.S. Gulf residents for generations to come.

Mr. Rotello is willing to work with an organization and use his expertise and skills gained in the past 50 years of business experience to help create a profitable and viable company.


Ty Bromell VP – Gulf Remediation

George Gros VP – Logistics

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