The AgSource Environmental Group or ASEG, was formed to address the remediation effort of one of this nation’s worst man-made disasters.  The Gulf Restoration Project has been underway for some time but is now taking on a different direction.  Biological remediation of the marsh land is a very effective approach to preserving the very critical barrier of the Gulf coast region.  This protective area is under severe attack from the oil residue and will in time be greatly reduced if not eliminated.  ASEG’s product Bio-Enhance is a very “green” approach to reviving this important area.  Bio-Enhance restores the marsh land by restoring nutrients in the marsh land plants to allow a natural recovery and preservation.

Coupled with this bio-remediation effort of the marsh land, ASEG has a proprietary microbial product that breaks down the surface and subsurface oil into natural organic compounds that are safe to the environment.  As part of this remediation effort the ASEG product Micro-Enhance is added to fortify the microbes to proliferate the population to create a more productive breakdown process.

The AgSource Environmental Group is comprised of AgSource Products, EnviroQuest Bioremediation, Perennial Environmental Services and AgSource Logistics.  The combined efforts of these companies will make a significant contribution to the Gulf Restoration Project and return our beautiful Gulf Coast line to it’s natural state over time.  This is not a quick fix but this approach harnesses natural components that exist in the environment to speed up the process.   This is simply nature at work.

Please follow our progress over the next few months as we enter into the approval process with the EPA and other groups.

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