The AgSource Environmental Group (ASEG) is comprised of a multi faceted group of professionals that have the knowledge base and experience in the area of remediation and restoration. We are committed to providing and demonstrating the technologies that are present today to benefit and enhance the Gulf Restoration Project.

This group is the strategic planning, guidance and implementation of an effort that will deliver a wealth of environmental results that will expedite the recovery of the Gulf Coast. Our goal and objective is to provide cutting-edge technology in the form of environmentally safe products that will benefit the restoration of the Gulf by eliminating the present conditions.

The ASEG model is simple. We introduce natural compounds that are proven through numerous university trials that fortify plant life and vigor coupled with the microbial degradation of petroleum products. The end result is a healthier marsh land and a petroleum enemy that is reduced to an organic form that plant life will flourish within and once again build and retain the beauty of the Gulf Coast.

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