“I applied Elevate DF on soybeans and corn this year (2010). My crop that I applied Elevate DF on was more healthy during the dry weather. My corn responded to nitrogen quicker and greened up quicker. My plants with Elevate DF had twice the feeder roots and I could see a color difference. My Elevate DF soybeans are somewhat taller than my  control soybeans.  On my corn harvest, the Elevate DF plants produced 7 bushel more than the  control.”         — Brandon C. Letson, Underwood Farms, Leighton, AL


“The whole growing season, the stalks looked good with good bloom and pod retention.  With no rain in September and October, I averaged approximately 30 bushel per acre.  I think that with timely rains, I would have averaged 50 bushels per acre.  I was told at the grain elevator that my test weight was one of the higher test weights (average of 58.0) they had seen and that I was one of very few that had no damaged soybeans.”
— Andrew Hale, Oakland Community – Florence, AL


“We planted Stoneville 4288.  We applied Elevate DF to this field, three applications at 2 qts. each; one application with a herbicide.   The Elevate DF improved effectiveness of the herbicide. This cotton was our most vigorous growing cotton on our 1100 acre crop.  This cotton field looked the healthiest all year with the largest bolls.   We harvested 933 lbs. of lint cotton per acre on this dryland cotton field.  Gin turnout was not as good as we expected from the Stoneville 4288, but we were very pleased with the results we achieved using Elevate DF.”  — Jared and Heath Darnell, Clifton Farms, Hillsboro, Alabama 

 “Our cotton visually looked healthier throughout our growing season.  The cotton plants applied with Elevate DF had better color and held up better due to heat stress. We averaged between 1080 and 1100 pounds of lint over our entire crop.”  – Randall Vaden, Vaden Farms, Florence, Alabama If you are in need of a cost effective solution for your purchase, you’re in a right place! Buy it for 40.13 USD at our store right away! About the law school toolbox founders lee burgess lee burgess is the founder of write my essay click here now amicus tutoring, llc, a company she started to help students find success in law school and on the california bar exam