elevatenewlogoElevate is a natural chelating compound that is derived from Humic Acid.  It contains a proprietary blend of Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid, select micro-nutrients, and select growth regulators.

Elevate produces a vigorous, well balanced plant capable of increased quality and yield. It is designed to help soils that have been depleted of their natural carbon. It’s made from the very best, mined humates that are in existence.

Elevate benefits include better seed germination and early growth; enhanced nitrogen uptake; releases “lock up” phosphate and potassium.




 ASSIST is a new concept spray additive designed to build additional flexibility and safety into your post-emergent herbicide, fungicide and systemic insecticide treatment programs.

ASSIST mixed with herbicides or fungicides accomplishes two things: a reduction of leaf burn and a monetary savings, as the amount of herbicide, fungicide or growth regulators used can be reduced to a low rate. It reduces surface tension of the spray droplet on the leaves and cuts through leaf waxes on the target species.

ASSIST stimulates the plant, opening the stomata to absorb the spray quickly and completely. It reduces the need for additional spraying should rain occur, thus decreasing the chance of contaminating run-off and allows spraying to be done at 10 to 12 degrees higher or lower than the normal product temperature ranges permit. Save time, money and use less chemicals when spraying.

ASSIST Information:

Packaged: 7.5 lb & 45 lb Containers

  • Use only 4oz. per acre – total of 32 acres per container.

  • Contains only pharmaceutical, food & detergent grade chemicals.

  • Use less toxic herbicides, fungicides and growth regulators per acre.

  • Open the stomata and guard cells, which are the entry to the plant.

  • Rapid chemical uptake can reduce re-spraying if rain occurs.

  • Reduce phytotoxicity and discoloration on desirable plants.

  • Replace surfactants and crop oils.

  • Conditions the plant for chemical uptake.


Download Assist Label 45 lbs

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