Enhance targets the turf management areas to include golf courses, lawn care operators, and sod farms. Enhance is currently being tested and sold on several very prestigious golf courses across Mississippi and Tennessee such as Old Waverly, Dancing Rabbit, Southwind and Windyke.


Enable is a perfect addition to any home flower or vegetable garden to produce the best plants you’ve ever grown. You can purchase Enable through our



Elevate  is a natural chelating compound that is derived from Humic Acid.  It contains a proprietary blend of Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid, select micro-nutrients, and select growth regulators.



Elevate DF is a semi-organic crop enhancer and soil stimulant. These are characteristics that produce a vigorous, well balanced plant capable of increased quality and yield. It is designed to help soils depleted of their natural carbon, and it is made from the very best minded humates that are in existence.


Assist is a superior adjuvant-extender designed for use with a variety of post-emergence herbicides, growth regulators, insecticides and fungicides. It’s non-volatile and quickly absorbed so leaf burn often experienced at higher temperatures and humidity ranges is greatly diminished with Assist. But this potential disruption in the www.paper-writer.org trend would come at an especially inopportune time