Enhance is specifically formulated for golf courses, sod farms, and lawn care operators.





Enhance provides all the benefits of humates and more. The ionized forms of macro- and micronutrients serve to activate enzymatic processes within the plant and around the root system. This in turn induced energy-carrying phosphate compounds, such as ATP and ADP, to stimulate root growth and mycorrhize fungus (a “good guy” which locates phosphorus and zinc for the plant) production. The increase of ATP and ADP in the system further helps to stimulate SPS (Sucrose Phosphate Synthase) production in the seed. SPS is an enzyme partly responsible for the genetic capacity to accumulate sugar in the fruit.

Enhance composition is carbon in ionic form with ionic atoms of hydrogen, oxygen, potassium, phosphorus, sulphur, molybdenum, and cobalt, attached to the ionized carbon atom. All of these nutrients are absorbed through the root and foliage of the plants, as they are mobile and variably mobile within the plant. The main effect of the product is to regulate the pH of the sap in the plant and reload the soil with molecular carbon. Through the foliage, the ionic carbon is making carbohydrates and some of it is translocated to the root system, where it is exuded to serve as food resource for soil microorganisms.

Enhance helps in plant physiological processes such as: Energy storage, transfer, and strength membrane integrity; regulation of cellular pH, translocation of water and stomata opening; protein synthesis and function; nitrogen stabilization; seed vigor; and formation of sugars, starch
and proteins.

Enhance product benefits include enhanced nutrient uptake which results in more efficient use of nutrients therefore reduces fertilization use rates; enhanced root growth caused by a combination of growth regulators coupled with various beneficial bacillus bacteria strains; enhanced soil tilth increases moisture holding capacity, improving drought tolerance; enhanced seed germination results in improved germination and plant vigor; enhanced sod strength by increasing root mass; If you are searching for cost efficient offers, you’ve found the right place! Get your here for 0.98 USD! enhanced plant health by energizing the plant to utilize available nutrients plus increasing tolerance to disease.


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