N-Hibit® HB (Hopper Box) formulation will significantly reduce nematode populations trying to infest crop roots. It provides a solid foundation for nematode management – starting with the seed. The time to buy is now. Existing supplies may sell out this year, and besides, it’s just about time to roll out the planter. Use it on your farm on any brand of cotton, soybean or corn seed you choose. Get your N-Hibit HB soon while this nematode tool is still available as a stand-alone product you apply yourself.

“The harpin technology offers farmers in-season benefits, including the suppression of pests like nematodes and yield-inhibiting diseases, as well as additive plant health benefits. The technology is a specific type of protein that activates a plant’s intrinsic ability to protect itself and enhances growth.”

N-Hibit Effects on Corn & Soybeans
     -Increase in plant growth: greater root mass, total plant weight, plant health and vigor.
     -Suppression of egg production of soybean cyst nematodes (SCN) in soybeans.
     -Enhanced crop quality and production.

Please download more info below to find out the proof to N-Hibit’s benefits!

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